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Explore over 100 million products to identify what’s missing in your catalog, searchable by keywords, brands, and more.

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Access sales forecasts and market trends before your competitors, with insights available two months in advance.

Optimize Placement

Score products to determine their optimal placement in stores, online, or marketplaces, enhancing profitability.

Accurate Product Matching

Employ EAN and similarity matching to align your catalog precisely with competitors, ensuring catalog accuracy.

Data-Driven Decision Making at Its Finest

In-Depth Retail Intelligence.
Tailored Data Integration.
Technology-First Approach.
Exclusive Market Insights.
Full Workflow Integration.
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As a superior alternative to conventional market research, Crawlo delivers a dynamic, real-time view of the market, empowering Brands, Retailers, Marketplaces and seller with actionable insights and strategic data.

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