Powerful Content Generation

Abracadabra leverages a database of over 100 million unique GTINs to automatically create specifications, descriptions, images, energy labels, and more.
Simply enter an EAN/GTIN, and Abracadabra classifies it into the correct category and template, filling in all necessary product information.
Explore Our Unique Features

Effortless Three-Step Process

1.Input Your EAN/GTIN

Start by entering the product's EAN/GTIN.

2.Automatic Classification

Our AI-driven system accurately categorizes your product.

3.Content Generation

Receive fully structured and standardized product listings ready for e-commerce and marketplaces.

Advanced Features and Global Reach

Content Automation

Automate creation of product specifications, descriptions, images, and more.

Multilingual Support

Generate product information in multiple languages for global reach.

Standardized Content

Content fits perfectly into category standards, ensuring marketplace approval.

Seamless Integration

Integrate effortlessly with your PIM system or marketplace platforms.

Application Areas

Marketplaces and E-commerce

Accelerate content creation processes.


Efficiently list products on major platforms like Amazon, MediaMarkt, and Mirakl.

Brands and Manufacturers

Distribute consistent and accurate product information across the industry.
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