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Enhance Product Discoverability

Boost your brand's visibility by leveraging advanced tracking of search and browse shares at top retailers, ensuring your products capture consumer attention.

Ensure Competitive Compliance

Maintain a competitive edge with comprehensive tracking of MAP and MSRP compliance, discount monitoring, delivery costs, and real-time stock status to optimize sales strategies.

Master Reputation Management

Aggregate and analyze ratings and reviews across all retailers, gaining actionable insights and historical data to proactively manage and enhance your brand’s reputation.

Drive Conversion Through Quality

Improve conversion rates with our Content Quality Score/Quality Index, enhancing product descriptions, images, and specifications to better engage and convert customers.

Strategic Advantages for Brands and Manufacturers

Data-Driven Insights

Make informed decisions with real-time data that uncovers opportunities for growth.

Enhanced Market Response

Quickly adapt to market changes and consumer demands.

Improved Sales Outcomes

Directly impact your bottom line by optimizing factors that drive online purchases.

The Edge You Need in Retail Strategy

As a superior alternative to conventional market research, Crawlo delivers a dynamic, real-time view of the market, empowering Brands, Retailers, Marketplaces and seller with actionable insights and strategic data.

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